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Hii i have seen many blogs which posted thing in the same design for example if you see this http://www.songs-pk.info/2011/nayika-malayalam-2011/

there page create alwayz in the same style download button and play button and the same td tr combination how can i make this mean did we just have to give links once we create page ? or how this all is possible for maximum time saving

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Can you please clarify your question? As written, it is incredibly difficult to understand exactly what you need. – Chip Bennett Oct 18 '11 at 11:18
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Create category-<slug>.php or category-<ID>.php in your theme. e.g. category-jazz.php to view songs categorized in jazz category and category-rock.php to view songs categorized in rock category.

PS>This answer is based upon your title. I couldn't understand what you have written in the question.

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