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I have an RSS feed (link) that I would like to display as a widget inside one of my posts.

The wordpress RSS widget already does that on the sidebar, is there some solution to have it in the post?

The best solution would latter let me do something like:

So I could embed this also on other sites.


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if you know php you could add it to a template using wp function http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/the_widget

or there is wp code to pull in a feed and list it http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/fetch_feed

if you want a non coding solution, there are some plugins like:


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Interesting! So if I want some URL which will have no theme around it, but only a simple page with a list of posts, what would you suggest? Should I use a page with a custom template, and just use the WP code there? – Tal Galili Oct 9 '11 at 14:38

If you're looking for a free, highly customizable RSS feed widget, let me introduce you to Tint: The Best RSS Widget.

There is also a Tint wordpress plugin that can be used: Tint wordpress plugin

I use Tint as my RSS Widget for the following reasons:

  • Ease of use: It takes just a couple of minutes to set up (no fiddling with code)
  • Versatility: It can aggregate multiple RSS feeds, and even feeds/hashtags from social networks
  • Aesthetics: It has many beautiful, customizable themes
  • Fluid: It is fluid so it can fit sidebar spaces, as well as fill up an entire page
  • Free: We have a "forever free" plan that you can use.
  • Analytics: Analyze how many people are looking at your widget, and soon, how many people are clicking on which posts. That way you can figure out which articles are most popular on your widget.
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