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I got this in my theme:

register_sidebar_widget(array('Sidebar Login', 'widgets'), 'widget_sidebarLogin');

i want to change this to the updated Command aka


But i seem to miss something cuz the widget doesent load after the change..

I tried this:

'SidebarLoginId',        // your unique widget id
'Sidebar Login',          // widget name
'widget_sidebarLogin',  // callback function
array(                  // options
    'description' => 'Some description'

What am i missing? is that "widgets" in the original 'register_sidebar_widget' array has a meaning othere then description ?

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You're Missing This Function "widget_sidebarLogin" – Mohit Bumb Oct 8 '11 at 10:18
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function widget_sidebarLogin() {
    echo "Content of Your Widget";

    'sidebarLoginId',        // your unique widget id
    'SidebarLogin',          // widget name
    'widget_sidebarLogin',  // callback function
    array(                  // options
        'description' => 'Some Descriptions'
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10x man but ofcourse i got the functions... just didnt think i need to paste it here.. its rather long.. Thanks anyhow.. its wirking now so i guess i had a typo or some unexplained something (like its somethimes happens).. – Sagive SEO Oct 8 '11 at 17:08

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