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I just wanna convert all links to no follow links which are being displayed in sidebar or footer or comments.

How can i do this?

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wp_rel_nofollow() does this for you. It is already called on pre_comment_content, so comments should be covered. For sidebars and footers, this depends on the widgets and other code you use there, but it should be possible to call that function there too.

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is this filter applied by default? or do i need to apply it. – Amit Gupta Oct 20 '10 at 2:42
@articlestack: It is applied to comments (via the pre_comment_content filter) in default-filters.php, so that should be OK. For the sidebars you should do this yourself, unless you use a widget that already does this. – Jan Fabry Oct 20 '10 at 13:36

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