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I've found that is_front_page appears to return true when I'm viewing the home page and have a single sticky post assigned there.

It also returns true when I've assigned a page as the static front page via Settings > Reading.

Why would I ever want to use is_home()?

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is_front_page() returns true if the user is on the page or page of posts that is set to the front page on Settings->Reading->Front page displays

So if you set about us as the front page then this conditional will only be true if showing the about us page.

is_home() return true when on the posts list page, This is usually the page that shows the latest 10 posts.

If the settings under Front page displays are left at default then the home page will return true for both is_front_page() and is_home()

An example of using is_home():

  • You have set your posts page to a page called News.
  • A user navigates there and in the header you want to show additional navigation
  • You could use is_home() to do this.
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Exactly. I differentiate as follows: is_front_page() returns true when viewing the Site Front Page (whether displaying the blog posts index or a static page), while is_home() returns true when viewing the Blog Posts Index (whether displayed on the front page or on a static page). –  Chip Bennett Oct 6 '11 at 11:40
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