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I have a magazine wordpress site in which I have designed a separate page to show all the authors with their nice_names (with URI) and no. of posts. the code is like this:

$current = (intval(get_query_var('paged'))) ? intval(get_query_var('paged')) : 1;

$rows = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT ID, display_name from $wpdb->users 
ORDER BY display_name");
$author_ids = $wpdb->get_results($query);
global $wp_rewrite;

for ($i=$start;$i < $end ;++$i ) {
   $row = $rows[$i];
 $curauth = get_userdata($row->ID);
 $user_link = get_author_posts_url($curauth->ID);
 $post_count = get_usernumposts($curauth->ID);

To show the number of posts each author has, I want to show like this:

  • showing number of all posts but excluding a certain category (ID=60)
  • showing number of posts in a single category (ID=60)

How do I have to modify the above code?

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What is $row->ID, it's the user's ID right? – Rutwick Gangurde Oct 5 '11 at 9:37
$row->ID means user's ID ofcourse. – syed Oct 5 '11 at 10:14
If $row->ID is the user ID, then why are you getting the entire userdata array, just for getting the ID again? Use it directly! – Rutwick Gangurde Oct 5 '11 at 10:18

Ahh friend, you don't need such a hard way! This should do...

    $curauth = get_userdata($row->ID);
    $user_link = get_author_posts_url($curauth->ID);
    $posts = get_posts(array(
                             'author' => $curauth->ID,
                             'cat' => 60, //for single category, 60
                             'cat' => -60, //for excluding this category
                             'posts_per_page' => -1,
    $post_count = count($posts);

Remove the commented line as per your requirement. Try and let me know!

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Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_DOUBLE_ARROW on line 85 – syed Oct 5 '11 at 10:12
line-85 contains this : 'cat' => -60, – syed Oct 5 '11 at 10:12
Did you remove the comments? And one of those lines? – Rutwick Gangurde Oct 5 '11 at 10:16
I have cleared this error by modifying the line as 'author' => $curauth->ID, ... but the problem is , the result (after deducting cat=60 posts) is showing for some authors as "5" only where as they have more than 5-posts. – syed Oct 5 '11 at 10:31
That is what 'posts_per_page' is for... The default number returned is 5, but if you set 'posts_per_page' as -1, it will return all posts. codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/… – Rutwick Gangurde Oct 5 '11 at 10:49

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