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How to make that google wont follow these two pages:

http://mysite.com/products-page/your-account/ http://mysite.com/products-page/checkout/


P.S. Im using worpdress with WP Ecommerce plugin.

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You can do two things:

  1. Create a sitemap.xml excluding the pages you just mentioned.
  2. Create a robots.txt which disallows the Google robot from looking at certain files:

    To exclude all robots from parts of a server:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /product-page/checkout

This is not WordPress specific.


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You can also use the wp seo plugin by yoast http://yoast.com/wordpress/seo/ and select no index no follow on the pages you want to block. Also dont worry google cannot see the users account details in products-page/your-account/ it will just see a empty page.

wp seo plugin

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