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What's the best way of doing this:

On The 'Media Library' page, I would like a link next to 'View' (the 'View' that appears when you hover over a Media item) for 'Download'. The 'Download' hyperlink would link directly to the file, unlike the 'View' link which links to a template-based page with either the embedded image or a link to the non-image file.

I have a lot of PDF's in my media library that I look up regularly, having to click on 'View' and then click on the hyper-linked file name just to get to the file is a little cumbersome.

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Modified version of a piece of code found in this tutorial.

add_filter('media_row_actions', 'wpse_30159_qe_download_link', 10, 2);

function wpse_30159_qe_download_link($actions, $post) {
    /* Almost sure this is not necessary. Just in case... */
    global $current_screen;
    if ( 'upload' != $current_screen->id ) 
        return $actions; 

    // if not PDF file, return default $actions
    if ( 'application/pdf' != $post->post_mime_type )
        return $actions;

    // relative path/name of the file
    $the_file = str_replace(WP_CONTENT_URL, '.', $post->guid);

    // adding the Action to the Quick Edit row
    $actions['Download'] = '<a href="'.WP_CONTENT_URL.'/download.php?file='.$the_file.'">Download</a>';

    return $actions;    

The download script resides here: /wp-content/download.php.
And here's a sample code of a force download script.

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