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Does WordPress have any built-in pagination functions to show the page numbers instead of previous and next page links?

If not, how can I add that?


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It depends on which pagination you're talking about:

  • Archive Index pagination
  • Single-Post pagination
  • Comments pagination

In all three cases, the answer is yes, but the implementation is different.

Archive Index Pagination

WordPress provides a function, paginate_links(), for post-archive pagination links. It's use isn't exactly straightforward, but fortunately, implementation is mostly cut-and-paste from the Codex example.

Here's how I use it in Oenology.

Single-Post Pagination

WordPress provides a function, wp_link_pages(), for intra-post pagination links. It's use is straight-forward, as a normal template tag.

Comments Pagination

WordPress provides a function, paginate_comments_links(), for comments pagination links. This template tag is actually a wrapper for paginate_links(), but its use is straight-forward.

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Try using the WP page navi plugin. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-pagenavi/

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