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I'm using this function to add a custom end point to the WordPress urls

add_rewrite_endpoint('print', EP_ALL);

When the plug-in gets deactivated, I run this function


This flush the rewrite rules, and disable the 'print' end point. Fine. But I'm thinking of other plug-ins. What if other plug-ins have registered some rewrite rules. Will they be flushed too?

If so, how can I preserve them as this will run their rewrite rules. And the same being for my plug-in. Do you have to re-register the rules everytime WordPress is called?

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What flush_rewrite_rules(); does is call $wp_rewrite->flush_rules(); (Also called when updating permalinks). All plugins rewrite rules are regenerated then, so you dont need to worry about other plugins rules being "missing".

Also is not a good idea to call this function (flush_rewrite_rule) on hooks that run each time wordpress is loaded, and is enough to call add_rewrite_endpoint or add_rewrite_rule on activation or deactivation hooks.

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It was my understanding that you should added the rewrite rule on each load, but only flush on activation/deactivation. – chrisguitarguy Sep 28 '11 at 14:19

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