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I have a big one page wordpress site and a menu created from wordpress admin pages panel. I added everywhere in my main page such links like <A NAME="gohere"> and similar. Now I need to add href's to the page menu name's like <a href="#gohere"> Actually I do not know is it possible to do this from the wordpress admin page's menu or maybe anybody know where these pages are stored so that I could add the links manually in the file's. Thanks!

Tried plugin "Page Links to" and added something like <A NAME="gohere"> as a link in where, but unfortunately plugin do not understand this,


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well you've to change code in loop for example currently now loop is like

<?php if(have_post) : while(yourquery): the_post : <div>the_title</div><div>the_content</div> endwhile; endif;

Then Just Add this line also

<?php if(have_post) : while(yourquery): the_post <a name="$i"><div>the_title</div><div>the_content</div></a> endwhile; endif;
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Hello there! I have exactly the same problem... In which file should I change this code? – Pitto Mar 14 '12 at 15:47

Try using the "Custom Links" meta box, to add any arbitrary link as a menu item. You'll need to add the full-path URL, but that shouldn't be a problem.

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