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is there a way for me to add a page to my template directory to customize my login.php page?

I couldn't find much on the subject so I decided to post the question here.

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You can use some actions and filters on wordpress you can use to customize your login page: Here are some i found in the wp-login.php file

action login_head , to output html before the header tag is closed

filter login_headerurl to customize the link where the logo goes

filter login_headertitle to customize the title of the logo

filter login_message to customize the error messages

filter wp_admin_css to edit the css used by the admin

action login_footer to add any htmk in the bodytag is closed

The logo comes from the css rule h1 a

All hooks and actions can be added on your theme functions.php or within a plugin.

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Create your own page and paste this code in page.php where you want to show login form or check wp-admin/css/color-fress.css go and edit little bit css there

     $url="http://".$_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] . $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"];
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