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here is Hierarchy

Parent (id=34) Child Child of child-1 Child of child-2 Child of child-3 Child of child-4

I am at child of child, i Just want to show sibblings of child of child if parent is '34', like this

  • Child of child-1
  • Child of child-2
  • Child of child-3
  • Child of child-4

I used the below function in function.php, but its not working properly

    function is_tree($pid) {      // $pid = The ID of the page we're looking for pages underneath
        global $post;         // load details about this page
               return true;   // we're at the page or at a sub page
               return false;  // we're elsewhere

Thanks Furqan Khyraj

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Can you rephrase the question? I'm not sure I understand. – BandonRandon Sep 26 '11 at 6:38

The page object has 2 properties: post_parent which is the parent page, and ancestors, which is array of all of the page's ancestors in the tree.

 $currentPageId = get_the_ID();
 $page = get_page($currentPageId);
 if (in_array(34, $page->ancestors)) {
      $siblings = get_pages(array('child_of' => $page->post_parent));
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I do not understand your question that good but check out http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_pages.

Will get_pages( array ( 'child_of' => 34 ) ); help?

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