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I'm using the ZigConnect plugin to set relationships between different types of posts. It appears that editors do not have the ability to remove connections, although this works fine for admins. How can I enable editors to remove connections?

Also, I have the User Role Editor plugin installed, but I’m not sure which capability would allow an editor to remove a connection.

I'm using WordPress 3.1.4 Multisite and Zigconnect plugin version 0.8.6

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You could give the user the capability manage_options, however this will allow them to edit all options within wordpress. The best bet will be to change all the capabilites checks from manage_options to level_7 or some other editor capability(like edit_others_posts ) within the plugin.

(Found 12 matches, 7 on zigconnect\zigconnect.php and 5 on zigconnect\zigconnect-admincallbacks.php )

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