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What is the most complete WordPress shopping cart at the moment?

GetShopped / Cart66 / Tribulant Shopping Cart ?

Or something else?

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Have you tried WPShopp (shopplugin.net) – Cristian Sep 27 '11 at 8:07

When I was deciding, I compared WooCommerce, Shopp, Cart66, WP-eCommerce and WooCommerce, and I found WooCommerce to be the most "WordPress" in its code and to be the most extendable/flexible. Products are custom post types, so you can leverage everything you already know about them, etc. It's initially offering was really lacking in features like UPS/FedEx rates, but they're plowing through their Uservoice list. It's also free (there are premium addons like different payment gateways) and works with Multisite.

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woo cart looks good but I dont like their freemium model. There is a hole for a magento-esk plugin. another benefit of magento is the community. The community of woocart and cart66 just is not as active.

The ecommerce wp is fragmented so too are the communities

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For anyone who comes across this, after some research I'm going with Cart 66 which seems to be the hottest e-commerce plugin for wordpress sat the moment.

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what killer feature can you find on the free version? I normally use eshop and works kind of good – andresmijares25 Jan 24 '12 at 14:57

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