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I want to have my Index page show posts from a certain Category ('news'). I have that functionality, but is there a way I can make a 'News' Page, where the slug just points to the index?

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I would take the current code you have and drop it into a page template called tpl-news.php or whatever you choose. Add the following to the header before your index.php code:

Template Name: News
//Add your index.php code here
//You can also use wp_redirect(home_url()) here as well if I misunderstood your question

Now, create a page called 'News' with a slug of 'news' and select the 'News' page template. That should do the trick for you.

I would also look at how Wordpress template hierarchy works and build template files that target a specific category - Example: category-news.php would force this file to be used when the 'news' category permalink is viewed rather than the default archive template.


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great thanks for that. Works great! – dtj Sep 19 '11 at 2:41

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