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I am quite confused. I have my own host for wordpress that I paid for, and I want to be able to ftp into my files to manually edit them. I know wordpress does not support or allow ftp, but I see a lot of people doing it on privately hosted domains:

Here is an example that assumes you can ftp in

I am trying to use FireFTP to do this, but I have been unsuccessful.

Please let me know if this is possible, I really want google analytics :)



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wordpress.com ≠ wordprss.org – Wyck Sep 16 '11 at 22:07
Define "your own host" ? What exactly you paid for and to which company? – Rarst Sep 16 '11 at 22:22

If you are using self-hosted WordPress, i.e. that you downloaded yourself via wordpress.org, and installed yourself on the server account provided by your hosting provider, then: yes; you can FTP into your WordPress installation (and in fact, almost have to do so, in order to install it).

If you are using the hosted blogging service wordpress.COM, then: no, you cannot FTP into your account, regardless of whether you have purchased a domain that maps to your wordpress.com account. In this case, you're still using the hosted service from wordpress.com.

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You need to contact your hosting provider. Ask them for your FTP account log-in info. Take the info they give you and log-into the FTP. Next go to Google Analytics, add your site. Next go to Google Webmaster Tools and submit your site. If you have any questions along the way stack exchange has several help sections available and so does Google.

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