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I'm starting a Wordpress site similar to Khan Academy [*]. It'll be a series of blog-posts, one video per post, from multiple instructors, with each post providing the canonical place to discuss the topic explored in the video.

An instructor is likely to put up several videos in an ordered sequence, although they may not be contiguous blog posts. I really want a way to show a navigation element to help users navigate the sequence, possibly just a "next" and "previous" link that take you to the next and previous video in the sequence [as opposed to the next and previous post chronologically]. (Even better would be to show the names of the next and previous posts, to show how many posts are in the sequence and which one you are on, or even to show some sort of map of the knowledge-base.)

After some reseach, I see a couple of ways to do this:

  • Manually. Ugh. You put in prev/next posts by hand. Tedious, error prone, and static.
  • Categorically. I could create a category for every sequence to be created and tag the video with only that category, and then use something like previous_post_link('« %link', 'Prev: %title', TRUE); (and a corresponding next_post_link) in the loop. [Admittedly, I could use more than one category and an additional parameter to exclude them; if generally useful categories are added very often, though, it seems like I'll be tweaking the code a bit to exclude them.]

While the second option seems reasonable, it does seem a little inelegant, and I can't help but think there might be a better approach (that doesn't require me to try to constantly come up with new, human-readable category names). I can't help but think that a plugin or other method to address this problem already exists.

[*] I am aware that Khan Academy provides an open-source implementation of their software to run on Google App Engine. That is phenomenal. It is designed to take all the playlists from a youtube channel and organize them for easy access through the main page, showing a video for each one you click on. I spent a few hours trying to get a grip on what it does and adjust it to run my site, with little success, and have decided not to put more time into it. Also, Wordpress will let me do things (like add links to pdf files) that I can not clearly do with the Khan engine.

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