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I have created a network consisting of 3 sites (site1.com, site2.com, site3.com). Everything works fine, and I can access all three sites fine.

What I need is to be able to share themes, plugins and post to all sites. I have tried multipost-mu, and ThreeWP Broadcast. When I create a post I can now choose the other two sites, but the post doesn't show up there.

The way I set up my network is:

  1. My host Setup the dns with a wildcard A record, and setup apache by adding ServerAlias *.|DOMAIN| to my httpd.conf

  2. I then added the subdomain

  3. I Edit the new subdomain: Changeg the value of Domain, Siteurl, Home, and Fileupload Url to suit to my new domain (http://www.site1.com)

  4. I Edit my wp-config.php: define( 'DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE', 'domain.com' ); changed it to define( 'DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE', $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] );

What am I doing wrong?

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By default any plugins in the wp-content/plugins directory will be shared across the site. You can Network Activate a plugin so it's activated on all sites.

For themes, you will need to Network Enable the themes in the network admin panel.

I'm not sure about the posts. That would be a support question for the plugin author that doesn't match the scope of this QA site.

Hope this helps you out.

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