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Sorry, this is a noob question. But, I want to follow the best practices.

I read that functions and global variables should be prefixed in plugins.

So, for example, myfunction(), should be lax_myplugin_myfunction(). And a variable, such as $myvar, should be $lax_myplugin_myvar.

Do I need to prefix a variable if it's in a function? For example,

lax_myplugin_myfunction() {

$count = 50;

return $count;


Should I prefix $count and make it $lax_myplugin_count? Or I don't have to bother with it as it's in a function. What's the best practice?

Thank you.

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Functions - yes.

Class methods - no (but prefix the class name).

Variables - inside your functions/methods - no (like in your example); inside template files - yes, because there are lots of global variables exposed by WP in them, and you might get conflicts...

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Thank you for the detailed answer One Trick Pony. Awesome! – Laxmidi Sep 7 '11 at 21:16
In addition to @One Trick Pony's great answer here is a link you may find useful: codex.wordpress.org/User:CharlesClarkson/Global_Variables – hsatterwhite Sep 8 '11 at 0:02

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