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I've a nice question for you.

Is there an easy way, to embed two galleries in the same post? I refer to the wordpress embedded gallery. Using a plugin of-course.

Is there outside a plugin other than Easy Gallery Manager that can accomplish this goals?

Must I write a new plugin?

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You can create two different posts, each containing a different gallery. These can be drafts or private or whatever.

Then you can include their galleries into a different post by specifying their post IDs in the gallery shortcode.

[gallery id=123]

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Nice, suggestion. That was my first inspiration. But, I need to do it seamlessy in the same admin page of the post. I'll try to modify the plugin. – keatch Aug 31 '11 at 21:42

You could use the AutoNav Plugin. For example, if you wanted to display the first six attached images in one place, and the remainder below, you would use the two shortcodes:

[autonav display=attached start=0 count=6]
[autonav display=attached start=6]

There are many more options that let you resize the thumbnails, use different table or list layouts, link to the images or the "attachment page" -- like this:

[autonav display="attached,page" size=400x300 count=1]

Or display, at random, two of the images attached to the current post:

[autonav display=attached count=2 order=rand]

You could also display the attachments to "this" page in one gallery, and the images attached to another post (let's say, with ID=509) like this:

[autonav display=attached]
[autonav display=attached postid=509]

Or even, display the featured thumbnail images of all the pages that are siblings to the current page (i.e., all the other child pages of the current page's parent):

[autonav display="images,siblings" columns=4]

That will create a 4-column table, with each thumbnail linking to the appropriate page.

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