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I need a duplicate of index.php, but slightly modified. I added a "vote it up" plugin. So, I want the user to select how to display posts - by new or by popular. I know what to add to second index.php, but how to create a second index.php, thats the problem.

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Elaborating on Rachel Baker's answer:

Copy the index.php file and name it something like popular.php. At the very top, paste the following:

Template Name: Posts by Popular

Now, go in to the WordPress admin and create a new page, called something like "By Popular". On the right-hand side, select the "Posts by Popular" template where it says "Template" (screenshot). Publish the page, and when you view it you should see your new page.

Create a link to this page in the nav menu or wherever, and then your users will be able to access the new page.

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This was really easy to do, but actually when I apply the template vote it up plugin is not working correctly even before adding changes. So, I will have to get rid of this idea.. – Domante Stirbyte Aug 28 '11 at 15:46

You can create a new page, using a modified template file - and send users to that page if they choose to display posts "by popular"

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modified template file? A little advice where to start with this? – Domante Stirbyte Aug 28 '11 at 8:11

When i do this kinds of modification i always use child theme Because its the easy way to doing it. And if i mess the child theme up i can just copy files form the main theme anytime.

If you never tried the child theme. This might be the right time for you. ;) Just make a child theme copy the index.php file form original theme and place it to the child theme directory and edit.

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Can you help me with understanding of this? So, I create a new folder in my themes folder, put style.css and my modified index.php. The question is how to make wordpress understand when to switch index.php? – Domante Stirbyte Aug 28 '11 at 8:33
@Sisir I believe OP is asking for a way how to let users switch the two different views. Therefore child theme offers a little help for this usecase. Aside from that, yes, using a child themes really is a good idea. – Michal Mau Aug 28 '11 at 9:52

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