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I have a wordpress network site. I have many sites in my network. Lets say i have two subsites like wordpress.mysite.com,joomla.mysite.com.

If the user post wordpress related topic in joomla site then i would like to migrate it from joomla to wordpress. Just like stackoverflow.

Is there any good multisite plugin available for this feature?. Thanks

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You should have a look at AtomPub.

AtomPub allows you to connect to your blog with an AtomPub-enabled client and publish, update and delete posts and media files remotely, without needing to log in to the administration section directly.

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I couldn't find best solution for this question. If anyone have this question as mine then you may check this plugin. This is not the best one. But just a recommendation. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/multipost-mu/ It actually duplicate the post. Thanks

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With ThreeWP Broadcast you can broadcast the post to another blog and then delete it from the current blog.

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