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I'm trying to create a custom wordpress title for a posts made under a custom post. Basically, its a version changelog for an application. I would like to only input the version number in the title field, and the output has to be standardized with a string accordingly.

My custom post type is 'custom_version' and the title output that I'm looking for is "Application has been updated to version ".

I've understood that this can be achieved using add_filter and I've tried playing with this code for days now, but I'm not really a PHP Pro so help is much appreciated :) Here's the code:

add_filter('the_title', 'new_title');
function new_title($title) {
    global $post, $post_ID;
    $title['custom_version'] = 'Application has been updated to v'.$title;
    return $title;
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The issue is that you are mixing up the $title variables. $title is the parameter passed to the new_title function, but then you use it as an array: $title['custom_version']. Try this:

add_filter('the_title', 'new_title', 10, 2);
function new_title($title, $id) {
    if('custom_version' == get_post_type($id))
        $title = 'Application has been updated to v'.$title;
    return $title;

I'd also highly recommend prefixing your function with a unique prefix because you may run into another plugin/theme using a function called new_title, which will reek havoc!

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Thanks for the response tollmanz, I tried your code, but the problem is, it replaces ALL titles including that of pages..Here is a reference of where its being done: titaniumtrack.com/changelog/titanium-backup/3-0-6 – shahz Aug 22 '11 at 4:46
I am actually trying to add this filter only to custom post types with identified "custom_version".. – shahz Aug 22 '11 at 4:55
Edited...I check that the post_ID is associated with a post of post type "custom_version" before manipulating the title. Sorry about the initial version. I didn't realize that it needed to be for only the one CPT. – tollmanz Aug 22 '11 at 4:57

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