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I have a MU install, the admin for my main site (site.com) shows the Featured Image Meta Box, but the admin for the subsites (site.com/blog1) the F.I.M.B. is not shown or available in the screen options tab..

The sites run the same theme and with the same settings. The sites both run a (the same) child theme, and the


is defined in the Parent theme (framework).

It's like the add_theme_support('post-thumbnails'); only has effect on the main site in my network..

is this a known problem, or should I start to dig for bugs in mu setup?

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Ok I found the answer here:



"On multisite, if you do not enable the IMAGE UPLOADS, under Network admin -> Settings, then .... well, that kind precludes having featured images. Tick that box. Save. Featured images show up on the screen options tab."
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