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I am using Wordpress for my website. I was working on CPANEL yesterday and was browsing public-html/wp-admin folder under the File manager.

There were many files and I accidentally deleted the admin-header.php file.

Where can I get an another copy of that file so that I can upload it to the same folder from where it got deleted?

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Couldn't see a download link on the Github page for downloading single files(i don't use it so maybe i'm just not seeing it).

Alternatively you can download single files for WordPress from trac.


Scroll to the bottom of the page(or hit the End key),
look for the text "Download in other formats:"
click the "Original Format" link below that text to download the single file.

Can't hurt to have options right.. ;)

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Get it from here

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Well I didn't do this type of things but you can do one thing

go to wordpress.org -> download -> release archives

download your current version in local host

extract it and then go to wordpress -> wp-admin -> admin-header.php

or maybe wordpress -> wp-admin -> includes -> admin-header.php

and upload it to server

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