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I ask because I cannot find the options from a plug-in I created on my second blog.

Adding this plug-in to the main site and the options show up.

I am confused because there is a column in wp_options table blog_id and I was expecting there to be more than one value there.

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Is this telling me it does? codex.wordpress.org/Installing_Multiple_Blogs – JohnnyBizzle Aug 16 '11 at 15:04
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WordPress MU uses one database and each blog gets his own tables with the blog id in the prefix, so once you install a network installation your database should have these tables:

  • wp_1_categories
  • wp_1_comments
  • wp_1_link2cat
  • wp_1_links
  • wp_1_options
  • wp_1_post2cat
  • wp_1_postmeta
  • wp_1_posts
  • wp_blogs
  • wp_blog_versions
  • wp_registration_log
  • wp_signups
  • wp_site
  • wp_sitecategories
  • wp_sitemeta
  • wp_usermeta
  • wp_users

And every new site you set up will create separate tables for example:

  • wp_2_categories
  • wp_2_comments
  • wp_2_link2cat
  • wp_2_links
  • wp_2_options
  • wp_2_post2cat
  • wp_2_postmeta
  • wp_2_posts
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Ok thanks. Just spoken to our Server admin and he has set up a separate database. Thanks for clearing that up :) – JohnnyBizzle Aug 16 '11 at 15:22

Although WordPress MU requires just a single database, as seen on WordPress Codex, you can always use different databases if you prefer to.

Plugins such as Multi-DB allow you to do so, and although this wouldn't be much needed for a small-medium network, it would be interesting for large setups.

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I think this is what we did because of problems with 'wordpressmu' appearing in permalinks. My DBA has given me the login for the second database now. Thanks for the help. – JohnnyBizzle Aug 16 '11 at 15:24

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