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I am trying to add a InfoBox (just infotext for the user) to the media upload popup window (se mockup link). Any tips on how to adress this feature? Filter hook? Other solution? Thanks in advance.

Mockup of InfoBox

Edit Problem solved

function media_upload_infobox() {?>
<!-- Start infobox -->
<div class="media-infobox" style="background:#ffff99; color:#555555; border: #CCCCCC 1px; border-radius: 10px 10px 10px
    10px; padding:5px;">
    <h4 class="media-infobox-sub-title" style="font-family: Georgia,Times,serif; font-weight: normal; color: rgb(90, 90, 90); font-size: 1.3em; margin: 12px;">Your header here.</h4>
    <p class="media-infobox-infotext" style="margin:12px;"> Infotext here</p>
<!-- Stop infobox -->


} // End function media_upload_infobox

// Add function to Action Hook

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If you wanted to place the message toward the bottom i'd suggest..

add_action( 'post-upload-ui', 'upload_window_additions' );
function upload_window_additions() {
    echo '<div>Your content</div>';

You found a fix whilst i was looking for you, but figured i'd still offer it anyway. :)

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