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i can make an easy template for displaying custom post types. but what i'd like to do is add some editable text to the top of my loop.

for example:

Hey wow, we really make cool products. I think it'd be nice if this text wasn't had coded into the template. any ideas?

product 1
product 2
product 3

and so on.

what is the easiest way to do that? is it possible to attach meta to a post "type"? i know you can sort of do something like that for categories/tags/tax, etc. but for a "type"? should i make it a theme option? would i be better served by making a post type and then displaying it through a taxonomy?

i do want the resulting permalink to be mysite.com/products

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I believe wp_options is the best solution for this. It's easily editable in an theme option page, but still you must hand code a new option each time you register a new Custom Post Type.You can use these

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forgot about this post. i agree the options API is probably the best/only solution. – helgatheviking Mar 5 '12 at 22:27

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