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I am using the Jetpack plugin to get 'site stats' which shows the number of views for blog posts/pages. So I'm no expert or anything but I'm guessing there is a table that stores these views. Is there a way to manipulate this data to create a simple list of the most popular posts by views in the sidebar?

Currently, I'm using a plugin for this but I'd prefer to hard code it straight into the theme.

Any guidance would be massively appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

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Maybe you could take a look at the wordpress.com popular posts plugin? I use that plugin to be able to code into my template where to show posts by popularity. Take a peek at the plugin code and maybe you can just grab what you need? – Rev. Voodoo Aug 11 '11 at 14:21

Personaly i already used the wp-postviews plugin and it works fine. Comes with a widget to display the list in a sidebar.

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Although wp-postviews (suggested by kevin) is a good plugin, I would definitely recommend the use of post-views since it offers some usable functions so you can hardcore it right into your theme.

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The WordPress.com Popular Posts plugin appears to be working well with Jetpack for me. I've customized a theme-specific "popular posts" widget (in Delicate News from ElegantThemes.com) that was using comments to indicate popular posts using the WPPP_show_popular_posts function that comes with the plugin. You can check out the code at this link http://pastebin.com/s2PFrWEN .

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