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Is it possible to change the Wordpress logo and header in the Dashboard so I can customise it a little more to my business? Ideally it could be done in a way so that it wouldn't break every time I upgrade Wordpress to the latest version.

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baritoneuk - There are several plugin which can handle the branding as well as code which removes the need for the plugin.

For a plugin, I recommend White Label CMS, if you're feeling adventurous try this article from WP Beginner

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Brilliant, the White Label CMS looks just like what I need! – baritoneuk Aug 10 '11 at 20:57

Yes, admin customization is possible though the details are not really flushed out much anywhere except existing code.

Basically, you enqueue styles and use the "cascading" part of CSS to override selectors and other CSS elements. Try checking out how plugins like this one do it.

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