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Sorry for this but I am sure this is a duplicate question, but I have been searching, but I cannot find a suitable answer for this question. I hope you still can help.

I want to create a website with a few static pages, and a blog. Now on one of the static pages, the portfolio page, I want to have all of my work in boxes in a list. Just like you would have blog posts.

Now I not want to create a post for each of the work I have done, because it will mingle with the blog I guess. Is there another option on WP to have snippets of content, just as posts, which could be loaded into a page.

Or should I just create the whole portfolio page just as a big static page.

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You have to create Custom Post Type, I've done it for the very first time using this tutorial.

Basically, you have to add "a few" lines to functions.php and then add your portfolio items as posts in new custom post type (it will be available in your admin panel).

I hope it helps :)

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This is just what I need, great answer, great tutorial, and you have a great username. Accepted answer. – Saif Bechan Aug 10 '11 at 3:05

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