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This one is driving me mad! Pagination does not work in that it was displaying the same set of products on every page - now after resaving permalinks (twice as recommended) clicking on page 2 results in the message "There are no products in this group."

I have done everything advised - resaving permalinks, activating and deactivating WPEC, disabling WP Total Cache etc - nothing works (can't find a lot of help out there including on the WPEC forum)

My next shop will be built using a different plugin!)

Any help much appreciated.

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This is a kludge, not a fix. This patch fixes the problem, but doesn't identify why it is happening.

In file


locate the function

function wpsc_display_products_page( $query )

Add the following code just before the WP_QUERY object is created:

    $args['product_tag'] = $query['tag'];

// John Larysz. January 2012
// Patch to get over the problem that Wordpress is not paginating for this site.
     if ( isset($_GET['items_per_page']) && $_GET['items_per_page'] > 0 )
        $args['showposts'] = $_GET['items_per_page'];
     $args['showposts'] = get_option('wpsc_products_per_page');
      if ( isset($_GET['paged']) && $_GET['paged'] > 0 )
         $args['paged'] = $_GET['paged'];
      if ( isset($_GET['product_order']) && strlen($_GET['product_order']) > 0 )
         $args['order'] = $_GET['product_order'];
      if ( isset($_GET['product_search']) && strlen($_GET['product_search']) > 0 )
       $category_list = get_terms('wpsc_product_category','name__like=All Products');
         $args['s'] = $_GET['product_search'];
      $args['wpsc_product_category'] = 'All Products';
         $args['wpsc_product_category__in'] = $category_list[0]->term_taxonomy_id;

// End of patch

$temp_wpsc_query = new WP_Query($args);

// swap the wpsc_query objects
list( $wp_query, $temp_wpsc_query ) = array( $temp_wpsc_query, $wp_query );
$GLOBALS['nzshpcrt_activateshpcrt'] = true;
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