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What is the easiest way to place the Archives and Categories lists within my menu under a parent tab. I'd like both of the lists, such as "Archives" leading to the "archives" sub-menu, and the same for Categories. I'm looking for a non-programmatic (admin-panel only) solution for this.

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The new 3.0 menu will do this for categories, just create a custom link as the 'parent' tab and give it a url of http://# and then add our categories as sub items but it doesn't AFAIK give you a option for dealing with date based archives.

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use wp_list_categories and wp_get_archives.

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I'm sorry, @bangbambang, I was looking for a solution through the admin-panel, and not programmatic. I would like (if possible) our non-programmers to be able to do something like this. – Sampson Oct 3 '10 at 23:59
@Jonathan unfortunately I have no idea about any plugin that meet your requirements.There's a plugin named WP Spry Menu but it only make list of categories. – bangbambang Oct 4 '10 at 1:59

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