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I've created my own WP 3.2 plugin. Now I want to put the WYSIWYG editor in it. I've tried the following code:

<?php the_editor(null, 'body', null, false); ?>

Then it's displayed. I don't know why, but the CSS doesn't look as it should look. Am I missing something? Should I include any CSS file?!

weird tinymce

Please look at the HTML/Visual buttons and the size of the content area.

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Look how I did it in my Meta Box Class:

$editor_settings =  array (
    'textarea_rows' => 8
,   'media_buttons' => FALSE
,   'teeny'         => TRUE
,   'tinymce'       => FALSE
    // a very minimal setup
,   'quicktags'     => array ( 'buttons' => 'strong,em,link' )
wp_editor( $content, $key, $editor_settings );
  • $content is the already saved content you want to show in the editor.
  • $key is the editor ID, it is used for the markup.
  • For possible settings see wp-includes/class-wp-editor.php and the rather short Codex page.

Visual output:

enter image description here

You shouldn’t need a separate CSS file.

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I recommend you the following article: Using the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor in your WordPress plugin

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