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So here is the thing.

I'm creating a site. A user can register in my site and post articles. The thing is I don't want separate admin area to post articles. I want to integrate everything in my theme. So the user don't need to go to wp-admin to create posts.

I'm using magic fields plugin. I created a custom write panel. Now my only problem is i don't know what shortcode or hook i should use to display that custom write panel in my theme. I mean i want the whole write panel in my theme. Here is a sample snapshot of custom write panel.

enter image description here

I want to display the whole custom panel in my frontend. So logged in users can submit articles from that page. I hope you guys get what i mean. Thanks

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I'm afraid it won't work quite like that.

There are plugins that enable posting from the front end, such as TDO Mini Forms.

Or see this answer for creating a form and code yourself.

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