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I'm looking into a way to have global menus across my network of blogs. Basically I am using wordpress as a CMS - the purpose of the network is actually to ringfence content. The sub blogs will be able to customise some areas of the template - but I would like them to share the main site's menu system.

This is easy enough for a static consistant menu - but my clients would like to be able to make changes to the menu on the main, top-level site using wordpress' built in custom menu system.

So - in short, can my sub sites in a blog network show the custom menu from my top level site?


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Try this plugin Network Wide Menu by Ron Rennick. It does exactly what it says: "Implements a network wide menu using a menu in the main site of your network".

I tested in WPMU 3.3.1 and it works. Network Activate the plugin or drop the script "ra-network-wide-menu.php" directly in the /mu-plugins/ folder. Follow the tutorial from the plugin page.

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This is similar to something I'm thinking of doing for one of my sites... I haven't implemented the idea yet but I was thinking of writing some PHP code to CURL my main website and parse the returned page for its menu content and use that parsed content as part of my sub-site's menu. CURL is pretty fast so it shouldn't impose too big of a drag on the rendering of the sub-site.

Like I said, I haven't tried it yet so the concept might end up being a lame horse.

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