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I'm trying to clean up my blog by only displaying comments when a user specifically wants to - as in they click on the "view comments" URL.

I've formatting my posts normally, and at the end I have a link to display comments, using the comments_link() function. The comments_link() function seems to take the post and append a "/#comments" to the posts permalink URL.

What I would like to do is analyze the URL to see if the "/#comments" is in the URL, and if so then I would call my custom action to display the comments, otherwise I will post a comments_link asking the user if he wants to post the comment. If there is any other flag built into WP for determining whether the user clicked on the comments link, that would be preferable as well.

The only problem is, I'm not sure how to analyze the URL to determine if they clicked on the comments link. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Not 100% sure what you are looking to achieve but could be as simple as a PHP if stamement of sorts to check if the URL ends in /#comments then carry out the action. Sorry if this is no help but hopefully might point you in the right direction of the functionality you are looking for. – Vince Pettit Jul 27 '11 at 11:37
the issue with checking the url with php is that anything after a hash tag gets stripped by the browser and isn't available. have a look at this question about rewriting the comments urls so they are on their own pages, that might work for you. – Milo Jul 27 '11 at 13:53

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