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I'm building a WP 3.2 site with a couple of custom post types and taxonomies. I'm calling one of these custom post types programs, and its associated taxonomy is called topics.

I'd like to add an item called "Topics" in the site's horizontal navigation, with a dropdown submenu that lists all categories in the topics taxonomy. Each submenu item would then link to its respective category archive page.

Is this possible? I assumed this would be pretty easy in WordPress, but I've been searching around for a while to no avail.

EDIT: This blog post and plugin come close, but it seems to only apply to blog categories (that is, I don't see how to adapt it for a custom taxonomy).

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This is enabled by default if your using wp_nav_menu ( the drag & drop menu's in admin) and have also set show_in_nav_menus to true for your register_taxonomy.

To enable them to show go to Admin-->Appearance-->Menus

Click "Screen Options" in the top right and you should see it listed there.

ps. The post you linked is obsolete.

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