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Encountered an infuriating issue where I f i want to add multiple linebreaks
for layout between paragraphs, Wordpress doesn't recognize them in th wysiwig editor. If I enter them in the code window, and publish they DO save, but the next time the Wysiwig is edited and published those breaks disappear.

is there a workaround or a plugin hat lets Tinymce handle this better?

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I use TinyMce Advanced. In the TinyMce Advanced settings it gives you to the choice to stop removing the line-breaks. You might give it a try. This is the first plug-in I install after adding a WP Website.

Link: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tinymce-advanced/

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You're not supposed to ad linebreaks this way. Every paragraph is divided in <p>-tags:

<p>paragraph 1...</p>

<p>paragraph 2...</p>

You should edit your style.css to ad more space (margin) between the paragraphs.

However, you could add a empty <p>-tag like this:

<p>paragraph 1...</p>


<p>paragraph 2...</p>

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Thanks. I thought I tried that first, but I'll give it another shot. – Drai Jul 26 '11 at 17:54

If you add a class to the breaks(so in HTML mode obviously) and make sure something follows them, they shouldn't get removed ...


<br class="a" />
<br class="a" />

This method works for me when switching between Visual and HTML, so hope that's of some use to you(though i'll admit it's not ideal).

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