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Hi I am new to wordpress. Kinda going through different themes that is available. I like on, which is Oulipo, but it doesn't have any e-mail subscription feature. I am using free wordpress hosting.

I know may be this question is too silly but I don't understand how to add it. As I have heard free word press hosting don't have many features available, so I was wondering if only the allowed features are those that comes with the theme or is it customizable further?


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Is your site on wordpress.com, or are you referring to a free webhost(not wordpress.com)? – t31os Jul 24 '11 at 7:31
Yes, I am referring to site wordpress.com – iamcreasy Jul 12 '12 at 3:13
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Many plugins currently available allow you to enable this feature on your site. My favorite is Jetpack Subscriptions for reasons including:

  • Very much up-to-date, well-maintained plugin

  • Emails sent from WordPress.com servers, so there's absolutely no load on your servers

(Make sure you disable all the unnecessary modules activated by default when you activate Jetpack by WordPress.com plugin.)

If you want the emails to be sent from your servers, I think you'd be better off using Subscribe to Comments or Subscribe To Comments Reloaded—whichever suits you best.

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If the User is on WordPress.com then they will need to setup subscriptions using the WordPress Hosted tools. Plugins and extensions like Jetpack are not possible.

You can create a Widget for your theme sidebar in WordPress.com and have a link to your email subscription form.

Mailchimp is my preferred free option and they have a Guide which is easy to follow.

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