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I'm trying to set up some permalinks for my site. Right now all the posts are under sitename.com/blog/, which is fine. But the category pages and tag pages show as 'sitename.com/blog/category/catname' and 'sitename.com/blog/tag/tagname'.

Is there a way to just skip the 'category' and 'tag' parts of the URL? As in: 'sitename.com/blog/catname' 'sitename.com/blog/tagname'

I tried leaving the optional settings (Settings --> Permalinks --> Optional) as blank for 'Category base' and 'Tag base', but they default to 'category' and 'tag', which brings me back to my previous problem.

I then tried putting 'blog' instead. It works for the categories and tags, but it then makes all the posts redirect to a 404 page. It's as if it searches for a category/tag with the name of [postname] and on failing to find one, 404s me.

Anyone having this trouble / found a workaround for this?

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I was messing with my permalinks today for the same reason. And i ended up with a solution that worked great.

You have to change your custom permalink structure to:


In the category base field just put a period mark:

and your permalinks will display in this form:



I don't think it works for tags pages though. I tried putting "." in the tag base field the permalink is correct like:


but the page returns error 404. So i guess it doesn't see the page without the default "tag" tag base.

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Advanced permalinks plugin might solve your issue

advanced permalinks

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