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am using Breadcrumb NavXT plugin.

i want to show all the pages and subpages in breadcrumb.i know this is tough to understand, so am explain briefly here.

i have the pages:





if i select main page it need to show you are here>subpage1>subpage2>subpage3

if i select subpage3 it need to show mainpage>subpage1>subpage2>you are here

if i select subpage1 it need to show subpage2>subpage3>mainpage>you are here

i guess,now you got my question.breadcrumb need to show circularly with all pages. please help me to achieve this. any plugin do this? or any code?:)

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That's not traditionally how breadcrumb navigation works, as I'm guessing you've discovered if you're trying to implement Breadcrumb NavXT. :) You might have better luck styling wp_list_pages so the links display horizontally and highlight the page you're on? Here's where it describes how to display the current page / ancestors / children.

Best of luck!

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