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im using wordpress 3.2.1 i kinda forgot how this things happen..but i remember updating some plugins/wp and its happen.

i can upload an image, but once its finished it show broken link. something like this http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/688/screenshot20110721at639.png/

anyone can help? already try deactivate all plugins but nothing happen. already empty the "Store uploads in this folder" but nothing happen too

anyone can help? thanks

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I think, the problem is file permission. by default wordpress 3.2.1 come with folder permission 751, and file permission 640. so, will not visible to see in internet browser.

do this: change uploads folder permission to 755, so every time you uploads image will have 644 permission.

check other file in upload/year/month folder: change all file with permission 640 to 644.

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