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Im using the W3 Total Cache plugin on my site, and I made page using the wp_list_comments and for some reason the page keeps coming up blank, it comes back after I disable the plugin but when i enable it everything goes blank again does anyone have a suggestion on how iI can fix this, im new to this plugin.


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You can turn off caching for your wp_list_comments template by placing define('DONOTCACHEPAGE', true); at the top of the page.

Other constants available on a per page or template basis are:

  • define('DONOTCACHEDB', true);

    Disables database caching for given page.

  • define('DONOTMINIFY', true);

    Disables minify for a given page.

  • define('DONOTCDN', true);

    Disables content delivery network for a given page.

  • define('DONOTCACHCEOBJECT', true);

    Disables object cache for a given page.

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Thank you for replying, ok i kinda figured out whats causing it to go blank, im using this code <?php wp_list_comments('per_page=23&callback=mytheme_comment', get_comments()); ?> and its get_comments(); thats making the page come back blank, once i take getcomments() out the page works fine, any suggestions? –  Jeremy Love Aug 1 '11 at 23:56

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