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I want to know how to import my YouTube channel into my WordPress website?


I have a YouTube channel with 7 videos. I want to bring all the videos into my WordPress website's sidebar. If I click the listed videos from my channel's list, it'll need to play. For more reference this is the sample output that I need:

screenshot of desired video layout

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I'd use the plugin Tubepress. It has a lot of options to suit your needs, such as a sidebar widget that can play your videos in a lightbox for example. I used it a few times, it's quite powerfull and customizable.

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I use Tubepress too, great plugin – Vince Pettit Jul 21 '11 at 14:58

Try out the "Yunero" jQuery plugin for Youtube feeds. Works for any channel upload/playlists.

Or even better, you can use the Youmax WordPress plugin for a full fledged YouTube Channel embed. This will show all your playlists and videos as thumbnails and has popup or inline players like you have in your screenshot :)

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