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Right now by blog has the 'home' section where all my new posts go, and 'pages' sections which are static pages that i can edit.

my question is, can i have another section that will behave like the 'home' link?

for example, can i have a page called 'cars' and a section called 'cats', where i can add new posts to either section?

if this is not possible, what are some workarounds?

edit: i dont want the blog homepage to contains ALL stories, i want it to contain all stories under the cat category, and the 'car' page contain all the posts under 'car' category.

in essence, it will be like i have 2 different blogs under a single blog

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You can also create a custom feed and this to WP; use the function add_feed() for add a feed to WordPress and define the content inside the feed.

A example for feed with the drafts of WP can you read in this post.

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You can use categories. Have a "Cats" category, and a "Cars" category.

Your main Blog Posts Index will show Posts in all categories by default, but your Category archive index pages will show only posts from the given category. So:

  • all blog posts
  • posts in the "Cats" category
  • posts in the "Cars" category

And each category archive index page has its own feed, so you can have a "Cats" feed, and a "Cars" feed:

  • feed for all blog posts
  • feed for the "Cats" category
  • feed for the "Cars" category
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fair enough maybe my post wasnt specific. i dont want to have a feed for all blog posts, so going 'home' will give you either cats or cars. – mkoryak Jul 18 '11 at 21:17

My solution is to combine the categories solution with a redirect plugin to clean up the URL:

Your podcast and blog, "Bacon and Beans" covers two topics:

You can use the Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin so that instead your users can type something more manageable and redirect to the desired feed:

Your blog feed:    -->

Your podcast feed: -->

Sub-feeds for your podcast:   -->   -->
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