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I'm building a database of cities as a part of a "location" taxonomy. In order for the terms to render, as far as I've found, they need to have some type of content associated with them. My work-around is to create a "placeholder" post, assign it to the respective terms, then move it to the trash.

So, first, if you have any suggestions for a better way to get the terms to display without yet having content associated with them, please let me know!

Otherwise, what's the best way to bulk assign terms to a custom post?

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With functions like get_terms, there is an argument hide_empty that will allow terms without associated posts to be shown. Set hide_empty to 0 and you will see your terms.

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I was having the problem with actual displaying the term pages - not generating a list. It turned out to not be an issue, though - if I recall correctly I just had to reset my permalinks. Thank you for your answer. – Jonathan Wold Sep 13 '11 at 22:46

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