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I want to get the template path to print in this echo of a form in the admin.

Here is what I got:

< ?php echo of_get_option('splash_img_transition', 'bloginfo('template_url')+/images/large/chalk.jpg' ); ?>

The second parameter there is a placeholder if nothing is input into the field that I am echoing.

Normally the echo works like this: < ?php echo of_get_option('splash_img_transition', 'no entry' ); ?>

And of course the WP tag < ?php bloginfo('template_url'); ?>

I'm just trying to combine the two so that the default (if the user does not input anything) will be a path to a placeholder image.

Thanks for any help!

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Most Wordpress functions, that generate output, do echo that output by them self. But all those functions are just wrappers for the accordingly get_*-functions.

In your case its bloginfo() and get_bloginfo(), where the second returns the output, so you can use it for whatever you like.

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