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Company I work for has purchased an eCommerce solution for WordPress. The solution works as a complete WordPress Theme. My assignment is to split the store view from the original website design.

To be more precise, website we are working on has a unique design, but when we install the store theme, the whole website theme changes to that of a store.

Are there ways I can complete this assignment? I thought about it for a while but the solution I found is terrible. I wanted to allow access to a store only on one particular page, by checking

<?php if is_page('shop') { 
include TEMPLATEPATH.'storeurl/header.php'; 
} else { 
} ?>

and so on, but it gets me nowhere because I need to have certain fields in admin panel for adding products.

Any other ideas, please?

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Core site functionality really shouldn't be so tightly coupled to the theme. This is why the plugin system exists. If it's not too late I would recommend exploring alternatives.

That said, anything happening on the admin side is in the theme's functions.php file, or is included via that file. As long as that file and anything it loads is in the proper place it's likely the admin side will work. Then it's a matter of merging or including the other templates into your own theme to get the presentation you want on the front end.

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thanks, you helped me a lot with this answer :) – SlavisaPerisic Jul 18 '11 at 7:13

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